PAR wants Governor to intervene

Next week, PAR-leader and former premier Emily de Jongh-Elhage will request Governor Frits Goedgedrag to intervene on Curaçao.

The request of De Jongh-Elhage is motivated by the wish from the yellow party to guarantee the integrity of the governance on the island.

The PAR is very concerned about the state of affairs on Curaçao. The party says they were very worried, having read publications in the local press, on how the current government deals with the Intelligence Service Curaçao (VDC) amongst others. “The Intelligence Service is to protect the safety of the people in a constitutional state. We now have to learn from the newspapers that ministers of the current government bear down on interim directors to act against the law in order to show favor to political friends. This is the umpteenth time this is happening because since there installation, this government is constantly bearing down on heads of departments,” says the last premier of the Antilles.

In a press report, the PAR-leader cites several examples of incidents. She refers to the fact that the government had lost a court case twice in their endeavor to dismiss the head of the Intelligence Service. She also refers to attempts from ministers of the current cabinet to employee political friends again, whereas the screening of the ministers of the cabinet had not been in conformity with the rules. “The intervening and bearing down, and the conflicts, which this government has become mixed up in, are only increasing. In the meantime, the Netherlands and the United States are aware of the reports on the bad relationships between our intelligence service and the government. The integrity of governance of the island is under dispute.”

According to De Jongh-Elhage, the party in the States did their utmost to bring the screening up for discussion and to change the attitude of the government with regard to the intelligence service. “However, this has not led to any results and the government keeps hiding behind the protection of their majority of eleven members in the States.” According to De Jongh-Elhage, this matter must be taken now to a higher level. Therefore, she will send the Governor a letter, requesting him to intervene within the framework of the safeguard function, as mentioned in the Charter, to restore ‘order, safety and integrity on Curaçao’.

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

28 February 2011

St. Maarten one step closer to averting FATF blacklisting

PHILIPSBURG--St. Maarten came one step closer to being compliant with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations and avoiding being publicly listed as a jurisdiction with weak measures to combat money-laundering and terrorism-financing on Friday when Members of Parliament (MPs) unanimously passed the National Ordinance amending the Penal Code in connection with the implementation of some urgent international obligations.

CU wil wet tegen kindermishandeling BES-eilanden

BES EILANDEN - De ChristenUnie wil dat er een nieuwe wet komt tegen kindermishandeling op Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba. De kleinste regeringspartij roept het kabinet op werk te maken van een wet die fysiek en psychisch geweld tegen kinderen ook op de BES-eilanden verbiedt.

Lawyers say the government's appeal in dump case is incomprehensible

PHILIPSBURG--There is still unlawful nuisance and the odour at the sanitary landfill must be removed. The Country St. Maarten considers itself committed to the Fire Suppression Plan but does not want to commit itself to a specific date.