No child allowance for BES

THE HAGUE — Minister of Social Affairs, Henk Kamp wrote the Lower Chamber that no child allowance would be introduced on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba just yet despite the wish from the islands and GroenLinks.
On the one hand, Kamp points out the exceptional position of the islands because not all social services are adopted and on the other hand – for the time being – there’s the endeavor in paying specific attention to the correct application of the large number of laws in force on the islands after the dismantlement. “By aiming for an acceptable services’ level, I now wish to focus on improvement of the existing rules in conformity with the administrative agreements, which my colleague predecessor concluded with the delegates from the island territories. Outlining a perspective for introduction of the Dutch social services on Caribbean Netherlands cannot be discussed now,” Kamp wrote. “Working gradually towards certain parts of the Dutch legislation is perhaps conceivable in due course but one must constantly consider deviating measures.”
Kamp still supports the system in which parents receive compensation through the taxes for the costs of their children – a discount where the tax-free amount is increased and a child allowance for people with a benefit. “In my opinion, this creates a system that meets the needs of parents/attendants and their children when it regards care and financial support as to upbringing and care.”

Earlier this month, the Board of Governors of Bonaire sent a request to Premier Mark Rutte and Minister Piet Hein Donner of Kingdom Relations to introduce the child allowance also on the islands, referring to the equality principle and to the fact that extra financial support is urgently needed. GroenLinks Lower Chamber member Ineke van Gent subsequently requested clarity from the Dutch government.

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

7 June 2011

Aangifte tegen gezaghebber Bonaire geseponeerd

KRALENDIJK - Op 6 maart 2020 hebben mevrouw R. Hellburg-Makaai en de heren M. Pieters en C. Abraham, leden van de Eilandsraad Bonaire, aangifte gedaan van valsheid in geschrift tegen de gezaghebber van Bonaire.

Hof wijst beklag James Finies af

KRALENIJK - Op 6 september 2019 is de heer James Finies aangehouden omdat hij de aanwijzing van de politie niet had gevolgd tijdens de viering van Dia di Boneiru op het Wilhelminaplein.


De verdiepingscursus Erfrecht en Huwelijksvermogensrecht op Sint Maarten, die gepland was van 30 maart to 2 april, is in verband met de coronacrisis tot nader order uitgesteld. Wij houden u op de hoogte zodra er een nieuwe datum is gepland.
De boeken geschreven door Prof. mr. Gregor van der Burght zijn uiteraard wel gewoon te bestellen via de gebruikelijke kanalen.
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