Cifa regrets delay tax plan

The pressure group for the international financial services sector on Curaçao, the Cifa, is disappointed that the tax amendments as announced by the government will not be introduced per July 1st, as promised earlier this year by Minister of Finance, George ‘Jorge’ Jamaloodin (MFK).

According to Cifa-chairperson and former premier Etienne Ys, the delay is not conducive to the competitive position of Curaçao as financial trade centre.

According to Ys, the Minister of Finance announced that the tax plan would become effective per July 1st this year. The proposal departs from the sales tax (ob) increasing from 5 to 6 percent and decreasing the profit on taxes and income tax. The latter is particularly attractive for the international financial sector. However, despite the government’s promise, the tax plan will not become effective per July 1st. Although the proposal is currently with the States, it will be discussed in a Central Committee meeting at the beginning of August, after the parliament’s ‘summer recess’. It is unknown when the proposal will be discussed in public. Some believe it will be beginning next year before the proposal is introduced.

According to former premier Ys, the delay of the tax plan will be unfavorable for Curaçao. “If you announce the introduction of something on July 1st, everyone assumes it will be implemented on that date. However, if it isn’t, it damages the credibility. The government cannot permit itself to announce commencing dates that are not realistic.” According to Ys, the fact that the tax plan is still not implemented will only cause more obscurity for the financial sector. “Companies do not know what to expect, whether the announced tax plans will be introduced or not and this makes it difficult for the companies to make plans.”

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

12 July 2011

Curacao Immigration card goes fully digital

WILLEMSTAD – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is collaborating with the Government of Curaçao and Curaçao International Airport to switch fully to an online immigration card in a continuing effort to simplify travel to Curaçao.

Motion to transfer management law enforcement to The Hague

THE HAGUE–Separating management of and authority for of law enforcement in St. Maarten, and seeing if the Netherlands could take over this task for a period of five years to strengthen this sector, was the essence of a motion filed by Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Chris van Dam of the Christian Democratic Party CDA during the handling of the draft 2020 budget for Kingdom Relations in the Second Chamber last week Thursday.

Balie vestiging CuraƧao weer normaal geopend

WILLEMSTAD - De balie (Front Office) van de vestiging Curaçao van het Hof van Justitie is vandaag weer op de normale tijden bereikbaar. De administratie afdeling (Back Office) is vanaf 13:00 uur weer beschikbaar.