Lower Chamber shocked by reports on VDC

THE HAGUE — The Lower Chamber is shocked about the information regarding the Intelligence Service Curaçao (VDC) and has requested clarification from Minister Liesbeth Spies. Ronald van Raak (SP), who had repeatedly requested an investigation into the leaking of confidential data on Curaçao, thinks the Dutch Intelligence Service should terminate the collaboration with the VDC.

The information comes from a report on a conversation between a suspended VDC-employee and the Curaçao Ombudswoman Alba Martijn. Various media possess a copy of this report. Sensitive information from the VDC, by order of Premier Gerrit Schotte, had supposedly been given to third parties, among whom Columbian officials and employees from the Forensic Services.

Set things right

“It’s terrible that information has been leaked again, but it also shows there’s political meddling and that political games are being played. It is yet another example of the anxiety and intimidation culture. Curaçao is slipping down to a level that is entirely unacceptable”, said Van Raak. “I think The Netherlands should no longer assume the responsibility for good corporate governance, so we’ll have to help set things right, or Curaçao should simply become independent.”

After the reports, Van Raak immediately presented written questions. In first instance, he wants to know if the information is correct and if information from the Dutch Intelligence Service was shared in this manner with third parties. Furthermore, he requests to hear Minister’s Spies’ opinion. “In her opinion, what does this new leak from the Intelligence Service Curaçao tell you about the Schotte-government using the institutes on Curaçao? Do you still think Curaçao is capable of investigating the miscarried screening of Curaçao and previous leaks from the Intelligence Service Curaçao?”


The SP Lower Chamber member also wants to know if Spies can offer the VDC-employee any form of protection, considering ‘it’s likely he was threatened on the initiative of the Minister-President of Curaçao’.

Also Eric Lucassen requests an explanation from Minister Spies. “The name Intelligence Service does not apply to that service of Curaçao because it’s still as leaky as a sieve. Earlier on, I’d already asked about the presence of the Columbian Intelligence Service. I now ask again, what is going on and to which extent is Premier Schotte involved?”

Bas Jan van Bochove (CDA) also indicates he’d appreciate an explanation from the Minister, but points out that the States of Curaçao is to request clarification first. “I namely understand that the Supervisory Council of the Intelligence Service was not informed. If you approach the Ombudswoman it seems strange not to inform the own Supervisory Council.” Minister Spies was not available for comment today.


1 March 2012


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