St. Maarten & Aruba and Panama wish to intensify their relations

THE HAGUE - St. Maarten and Panama will explore possibilities to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries on the level of government.

That commitment was made during the visit of Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in The Netherlands Dr. José Teran to St. Maarten's Minister Plenipotentiary in The Hague Mathias Voges on Thursday.
The Ambassador's visit confirmed the good relations between Panama and St. Maarten. There are historical ties between the two countries, and Panama was and still is an important partner for St. Maarten, especially for the business sector.
Minister Voges explained that much of the goods that are imported by St. Maarten are trans-shipped through the free zone in Panama. "The Ambassador was quite happy to be provided with this information and immediately suggested to look at ways and means to intensify the economic relationship," stated Voges.
Ambassador Teran and Voges, who were joined by Director of the latter's cabinet Perry Geerlings, made use of the opportunity to discuss the status of the existing relationship between St. Maarten and Panama. "We also informed each other about the history and endeavours of our respective countries," said Voges.
The Ambassador invited St. Maarten to participate in an economic Trade Fair that Panama will organise in The Netherlands in May this year. The fair serves to market the Central American country more intensively.
Teran invited St. Maarten and its business community to be part of this fair to see where both countries can be of benefit for each other in terms of trade in goods and tourism, but also in terms of financial services.
With the promise of a counter visit by Minister Plenipotentiary Voges, the party took a picture in front of the state picture of outgoing Queen Beatrix to commemorate the visit.
The Ambassador also visited the Aruba House, where he met with Aruba's Minister Plenipotentiary Edwin Abath to discuss cooperation between Panama and Aruba. Abath provided details on Aruba's goal to become a gateway between Europe and Latin America. The two countries are interested in a more extensive cooperation in the medical area, whereby patients from Aruba would be able to seek specialist medical care in Panama.
Both St. Maarten and Aruba have air connections with Panama through Copa Airlines.
(The Daily Herald)

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