Korpodeko’s shares in InselAir converted into loan

WILLEMSTAD — Korpodeko is a shareholder of InselAir (20 percent) but this is a temporary construction. The shares will soon be converted into a ‘subordinated loan’. InselAir-director Albert Kluyver stated this after an anonymous source sent a document, which named the exact shareholders of InselAir, to the press.

The document mentions that development bank Korpodeko is the largest shareholder with 20 percent. “This is old news, as the document dates from 2009”, said Kluyver.A discussion between airline companies InselAir and DAE on Korpodeko’s role with financing the airline companies has been going on for some time. Last week InselAir reported on a letter to the government stating it was unfair that Korpodeko made 12.7 million guilders available to DAE, ‘although I never understood the development purposes set for such amount”, said Kluyver.
The amount that InselAir received from Korpodeko, 2.3 million guilders, ‘was to develop something, and we had to give full account on all details’. It regarded developing routes to five new destinations at the time, including St. Domingo, Haiti and Surinam. In that same letter InselAir wrote last week that Korpodeko is supposedly now 100 percent owner of DAE. For years DAE actually thinks InselAir is given extreme preference by the government.

Celebration 75th Anniversary Consulaire Corps Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - On the 22nd of April 1944, during World War II, the Consulaire Corps Curaçao was born. The 75th anniversary of the Corps was celebrated with a reception on 23 May 2019. The Governor of Curaçao, the Prime Minister, members of the Corps and many other dignitaries were present.

UoC neemt afstand van publicaties over weg door mangrovebos

WILLEMSTAD - De Universiteit van Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) neemt afstand van de publicaties die gisteren en vandaag in de media zijn verschenen betreffende studenten van de UoC, over de weg die de overheid wil aanleggen dwars door de mangrovebossen bij Rif.

OM seponeert zaak tegen Steven Martina

WILLEMSTAD - Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) heeft het onderzoek tegen de voormalig Minister van Economische ontwikkeling, Dr. Ir. Steven Martina afgerond en besloten de zaak onder voorwaarden te seponeren.