Venezuela suspends Curacao-based DAE airline

CARACAS - Venezuela has suspended operations in its territory by the Curacao-based airline Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) due to alleged breaches of security.

A statement by Venezuela's Civil Aviation authority (INAC) said it had repeatedly sanctioned the airline for lapses over itineraries and times, as well as service quality failings.
"INAC agrees to suspend, as a cautionary measure, the operations of the DAE airline in the territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as a result of the presumed non-observance of aeronautical security norms," it said in the statement late on Tuesday.
The airline runs flights around the Caribbean, the United States and Venezuela.
There was no mention of Venezuela's measure on its web site and calls to its head office went unanswered. 
Venezuelan authorities have had a fractious relationship with some carriers over difficulties in repatriating profits due
to strict currency controls here. Some local media have said about $1 billion is stuck in Venezuela.

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