MARS pro-forma - looter presented to judge of instruction

PHUILIPSBURG - The investigation “MARS” was treated “pro-forma” on Thursday in the prison Point Blanche on Sint Maarten.
It was decided by the judge that the suspects K.K.K. S. and T.J. F. will remain in prison till the next “pro-forma” on November 15th. “MARS” is the investigation into the murder in December 2016 of the two men Sarante-Diaz and Rosario. T.J.F. and K.S.S.S. They were arrested on February 16 and 17 respectively and are still in pre-trial detention.
Suspect M.I. was presented before the judge of instruction (rechter-commissaris) for looting. He will remain in custody for the next 8 days.
Suspect M.M.R. also remains 8 more days in arrest. The judge of instruction decided this on Thursday. She is accused of fencing (heling). She was however released immediately thereafter and will be awaiting her case at home.  Her son, A.R., is a suspect in the murder investigation “BAYONET” and will be presented next before the judge of instruction.
All investigations are ongoing.
Onderzoek “MARS” “pro-forma” behandeld
Het onderzoek “MARS” is donderdag “pro-forma” behandeld in de gevangenis Point Blanche op Sint Maarten. De verdachten K.K.K. S. en T.J. F. blijven op last van de Rechter-commissaris vast zitten tot de volgende “pro-forma-zitting” op 15 november.
Het onderzoek “MARS” betreft de dood van de mannen Sarante-Diaz en Rosario in december 2016. De mannen werden op 16 en 17 februari aangehouden in verband hiermee.
Verdachte M.I. is donderdag op Sint Maarten door de Rechter-commissaris in bewaring gesteld voor plundering en blijft 8 dagen vastzitten in verband met verder onderzoek.
Verdachte M.M.R is door de RC in bewaring gesteld voor heling. Haar bewaring is direct daarna door de Officier van Justitie geschorst. Haar zoon, A.R., zal in het  moordonderzoek “BAYONET” volgende week aan de RC worden voorgeleid voor bewaring.
Alle onderzoeken in volle gang.

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