Detainees St. Maarten transferred to Curacao and Netherlands

PHILIPSBURG--The transfer of prisoners from the Pointe Blanche prison to the Netherlands and Curaçao was carried out without issue on Thursday and Friday.
Motorists noticed traffic congestion, but were unaware of the secret transportation method put in place by law enforcement agencies.
Some 64 prisoners were transported from the Pointe Blanche prison to Princess Juliana International Airport SXM in a joint operation of the Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI), police and the Royal Military Police (Kmar).
The inmates were flown to the Netherlands and Curaçao under the supervision of the military. The prisoners of Penitentiary Facility Pointe Blanche (Saint Martin) and Sentro Detenshon di Kòrsou (Curaçao) were temporarily transferred within the Kingdom of the Netherlands as part of the emergency relief programme.
The transfer was necessary because their safety could no longer guaranteed in the Pointe Blanche prison, as the building was heavily hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The duration of the temporary redistribution is six months and is paid for by the Netherlands.

Uitspraak College van Beroep

Gerecht in Eerste Aanleg van Aruba
ORANJESTAD - Gedurende de periode dat appellant in Aruba geen werkelijke verblijfplaats hield, kan hij niet als ingezetene van Aruba worden beschouwd.

Aruba keeps border with Venezuela shut

ORANJESTAD - While Venezuela reopened its borders with Brazil and Aruba, the latter’s government did not find the timing “opportune” and kept the current trade and travel ban in place for now.

Blokhuis naar Caribisch Nederland om preventieakkoord te ondertekenen

Staatssecretaris Paul Blokhuis (VWS) brengt van maandag 13 mei tot en met donderdag 16 mei een bezoek aan Caribisch Nederland. Blokhuis gaat het Caribisch Sport- en Preventieakkoord voor Sint Eustatius en Bonaire ondertekenen. Ook bezoekt hij verschillende organisaties die werken aan preventie en sport.