Police Department St. Maarten investigates break-in

PHILIPSBURG - The Detective Department of the KPSM is presently investigating a break-in which took place during the night of Saturday August 18th and early morning on Sunday 19th at the jewelry store “Jewel of Love” located on Front Street #69.
The investigators realized that the culprit(s) had gained access through the concrete floor from an apartment on the upper floor of the building which led to ”Leather World” store below.
Once in the leather store the culprit(s) gained access to the jewelry store by making an opening in the wall. Once in the jewelry store the culprit(s) stole a large quantity of jewelry and then fled the scene the same way they came in.
The occupant of the apartment from where access to the jewelry store was gained in the meantime has vacated his apartment.
The occupant of the apartment has been identified as Stegarescu Vlad George and is also the main suspect in this investigation. (See pic attached).
The Detectives is asking anyone who may have information that can lead to the arrest of this suspect to immediately get in contact with the Police Department by calling 54-22222 ext. 215 or 216, the anonymous tip line 9300 or 911 or via a pm on our facebook page.

Celebration 75th Anniversary Consulaire Corps CuraƧao

WILLEMSTAD - On the 22nd of April 1944, during World War II, the Consulaire Corps Curaçao was born. The 75th anniversary of the Corps was celebrated with a reception on 23 May 2019. The Governor of Curaçao, the Prime Minister, members of the Corps and many other dignitaries were present.

UoC neemt afstand van publicaties over weg door mangrovebos

WILLEMSTAD - De Universiteit van Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) neemt afstand van de publicaties die gisteren en vandaag in de media zijn verschenen betreffende studenten van de UoC, over de weg die de overheid wil aanleggen dwars door de mangrovebossen bij Rif.

OM seponeert zaak tegen Steven Martina

WILLEMSTAD - Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) heeft het onderzoek tegen de voormalig Minister van Economische ontwikkeling, Dr. Ir. Steven Martina afgerond en besloten de zaak onder voorwaarden te seponeren.