Complaint filed against director Oil Trading Bonaire

KRALENDIJK - Island Governor Edison Rijna has filed a complaint against company Balfrans and its director Silvio Balentien for allegedly embezzling almost US $400,000 from government-owned Oil Trading Bonaire (OTB) since they started managing its accounts in 2007.
Chief Prosecutor Bote ter Stege said a team of the Dutch National Detectives will arrive on the island this weekend to handle the probe.
Rijna, accompanied by Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe, handed the local prosecution a forensic bookkeeping investigation report on June 1 in which B. apparently admits giving himself “an advance” for years. He was heard in a shareholder’s meeting on July 5, when the suspect’s lawyer presented a stack of documents to supposedly prove his client’s innocence.
After studying the papers, the Prosecutor’s Office advised filing a criminal complaint.
Aangifte tegen financieel directeur Oil Trading Bonaire
Op Bonaire heeft gezaghebber Edison Rijna aangifte gedaan tegen de financieel directeur van Oil Trading Bonaire NV.Deze directeur, Silvio Balentien, zou zichzelf 388.000 dollar teveel hebben uitbetaald, in de periode van 2014 tot 2018.
Oil Trading Bonaire betreft is overheidsnv. Het onderzoek wordt daarom uitgevoerd door de rijksrecherche.
De gezeghebber wil lopende het onderzoek van de recherche geen verdere mededelingen over de zaak doen.

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