Double homicide on board ‘RBD Gino Ferretti’ tanker

ST. EUSTATIUS--Some ten to fifteen members of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN Forensic Department and the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard are investigating an alleged case of double homicide on board the crude oil tanker RGB Gino Ferretti, which is anchored off the coast of St. Eustatius.
The tanker, which sails under the flag of Italy, arrived in Statia’s Oranje Bay Harbour on Thursday around 8:00am. The ship’s agent reported the alleged crime to the local authorities.
The suspect in the homicide was expected to be transported off the tanker, but bureaucratic regulations caused a delay and the suspect remained locked up on board the tanker.
The homicides did not take place in Statia’s harbour or in the waters around the island, but in international waters, two days’ sailing from Statia. The bodies were expected to be transported to St. Maarten.
A large group of law enforcement officials boarded the tanker, as well as Dr. Gerwin Schobbe of the St. Eustatius Health Department. The group was so large that a Coast Guard vessel had to make two trips to take everyone to the tanker. The officials left Charles A. Woodley Pier for the tanker around 11:00am and were still on board late in the afternoon.
Many persons stopped at the harbour during the course of the day to be informed about what was taking place. Enquiries were made with the Prosecutor’s Office, but no further information about the investigation was forthcoming up to press time.
The lifeless body of a crew member of oil products tanker Georgina PJ was taken to Charles A. Woodley pier on Saturday, August 31. Up to now, no official information has been released about the cause of death of this man, who reportedly was the ship’s cook.
The Daily Herald
Photo: Members of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN, the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and other law enforcement agents about to board a vessel on their way to oil tanker “RGB Gino Ferretti” which was anchored in Oranje Bay Harbour on Thursday morning, September 5.

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