The importance of sharing information

The internet is an important source for finding legal information.
Governments, institutions and individuals have put legal resources on the World Wide Web. The number of statutes, court decisions and other legal documents available on the internet grows daily.
Internet is an ideal and cost-effective place to find a recent court decision, to track current legislative developments or to find out about any companies activities.

Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal asked mr. Karel Frielink, President of the Curacao Bar Association, to give his view on the importance of sharing legal information.

Clearly the governments of Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten and the BES islands are information rich; the same goes for the courts and other public bodies. This information consists, for instance, of laws, decrees, judgments, policy papers and so on. It concerns information professional stakeholders like lawyers and civil law notaries need to be able to do their jobs. The Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal will help unlock this stored potential.

Timely, reliable and appropriate information sharing enables better service delivery. The success of the Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal will depend on the acceptance of the information sharing principle by all bodies and persons involved, both private and public. Information sharing will not work effectively, without the support from the governments, the courts, the legal professionals etc.

To ensure successful information sharing, adherence to the following is essential. A top-down approach to the sharing of information from cabinet Ministers and senior executive civil servants provides the political will and support to information sharing initiatives. This will foster a more open and collaborative culture within government agencies. Information sharing partnerships need to be established between the Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal on the one hand and the governments, legal professionals etc. on the other. We all should work together and share information where permitted by law.

We welcome the initiative to gather, store and make readily available information which is relevant to the legal professionals.

Karel Frielink
President Curacao Bar Association

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