Bientu case continued: "If he repent, forgive him"

As already mentioned in an earlier newspost Minister Elmer Wilsoe (Justice) has sent a new letter – dated 22 May 2012 - to the Parliament of Curacao in which he declares that the Bientu-research should be stopped because Robbie dos Santos makes use of the new voluntary disclosure scheme – the so called Repentance Regulation (Inkeerregeling).

According to Wilsoe Dos Santo makes use of the tax voluntary disclosure scheme of the new tax legislation of Curacao. By using a tax voluntary disclosure scheme one can avoid a criminal investigation by an additional declaration of the undeclared foreign assets. According to Wilsoe in case of a voluntary disclosure scheme the Public Prosecutor(OM) should only take action if the Tax Authorities raise the alarm.

In an earlierletter Wilsoe already declared that the seizure of the U.S. assets of lottery boss Robbie Dos Santos was unlawful. In the letter he explains explains that he has interfered with the case because he thinks that the Public Prosecutor (OM) was not allowed to to interfere in the matter.

According to lawyer and tax consultant JeroenStarreveld of Spigthoff Attorneys and Tax Cunsultants Curacao these new tax rules make clear that "crime pays off indeed”.

Starreveld wrote in 2011 an article - posted on the blogpage of Spigthoff- that in theTax Plan 2011 a spacious new voluntary disclosure scheme was included. The starting point of the new voluntary disclosure scheme is that tax can be paid at a special low rate on all income of which tax revenue would have been paid. "With such a favorable settlement and with a limitation of the recovery period of fifteen years to five years, the thought bubbles that crime really pays off," and the sceme becomes really attractive to come to terms, said the consultant.

Read the latest letter of Minister Wilsoe: Brief Wilsoe aan Staten Curacao 22 mei 2012_Bientu zaak(Papiamentu)

Read the article of Jeroen Starreveld on DCLP (Dutch)

Download the new tax legislation of Curacao – Tax Plan 2011 Curacao

Belastingkrant Inkeerregeling Curacao

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Landsverordening belastingvoorzieningen Curacao
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