Semeleer new boss Central Bank Aruba

Minister of Finance Nilo Swaen (left) announced the appointment of Jane Semeleer (middle) as the new president of the Central Bank of Aruba. On the right stands Mehran Hassanali who will resign as the managing director as per September.

Jane Figaroa-Semeleer has been appointed the new boss of the Central Bank. She will start leading the institution per September and will succeed the current president Hassanali Mehran who has lead the bank for a year, and was looking for a replacement during that time. The appointment of Semeleer has been approved by the government and presented to the governor.

Semeleer has been working for the Central Bank for eighteen years already. Since 2000 she became a member of the board and advised the president on policies. She also lead the departments Accounting, Operations, Cash & Vault, IT, Archive & Secretariat. An important part of her work was preparing the annual accounts and budget ‘as is required by law’, states a press release from the Central Bank. She also looked after the circulation of national bank notes and coins.
The new president of the Central Bank, is married to Jossy Figaroa (head of Office of Public Works) and they have two children together: Aveline and Celeste. In 1984 she graduated from the Universidad di Toledo in the American state of Ohio where she studied Economics. Before ending up at the Central Bank in 1990, she worked as an economic advisor at the Departement of Economic Affairs and at the Department of Foreign Relations.
At her appointment, the current president, Mehran, pledged to stand by her side and to be available for advice. Mehran only wanted to temporarily lead the bank (on account of his pensionable age), and would stay on until a replacement was found.

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

21 August, 2008


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