Info-campaign broadening self-defence

There will be an extensive information campaign before the right on self-defence is broadened. This motion was unanimously passed in parliament yesterday. Before the motion was proposed, Justice-minister David Dick (PAR) had already committed to start the campaign soon.

The Penal Code must be amended in order to broaden the right on self-defence, which implies defending your home, your family, your business without having to go jail. The current right does not allow that. If you take the law in your own hands by defending yourself and/or your family against assaults in your own home or business, you will be prosecuted.

The info-campaign must thoroughly inform the community what you can and what you cannot do, what is considered self-defence and what is not. The intruder must be in your home or on your property, attacking you or your family, for you to defend yourself. If the intruder starts running and you still shoot or hit or beat him/her, you are doing wrong. All the Parliament-members agree that the community must be made aware of what the amendment implies exactly. It’s a touchy subject and must be explained thoroughly to avoid misunderstanding.

A publicity campaign in English, Dutch, and Papiamento will be set up within two months and the amendment must be evaluated within one year.

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

August 27, 2008

Signing legal status of police declared invalid

PHILIPSBURG–Members of the different labour unions were updated about the approved 2019 budget during an informative meeting on Monday, July 8, held by the unions Nationale Algemene Politie Bond (NAPB), Windward Islands Civil Service Union/Private Sector Union (WICSU/PSU) and Algemene Bond van Overheidspersoneel (ABVO) for all members.

Minister Andin Bikker van Aruba bezoekt Hof van Justitie op Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - Minister van Justitie en Immigratie van Aruba, Andin Bikker, heeft donderdag 11 juli een bezoek gebracht aan het Hof in Curaçao. Hij werd daarbij vergezeld door Adviseur Algemene en Juridische Zaken Milko Baiz.

Nederland grijpt in op Curacao middels aanwijzing

Aanwijzing en onderlinge regeling moeten Curaçao er financieel bovenop helpen
DEN HAAG/WILLEMSTAD - De Rijksministerraad heeft op voorstel van staatssecretaris Knops van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijkrelaties een besluit tot een aanwijzing aan de regering van Curaçao genomen.