An extra ten guilders for family doctors

The appeal court ruled in favour of the Family Doctors’ Association of Curacao (GHV) : they can increase their fee with 10 guilders. The case has been going for a few years already.

With the verdict, they have the right to charge 133.38 guilders retroactively till 1 September, 2001. The Medical Fee Social Insurances was 123.66 guilders. This increase is going to cost the National Government about 5 million guilders. Physicians have been receiving this compensation from the SVB (Social Insurance Bank) on an annual basis. The national Government acknowledges that the 123 guilders in 2001 was a mistake, but the government didn’t say why this mistake was not corrected right away. The court didn’t adjudge indexation of the compensation.

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

3 September, 2008

Assessment of health risks due to dump fires starts on Jan. 21

PHILIPSBURG--A team from Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment RIVM will carry out a two-week assessment of the potential health risks for the community in relation to dump fires starting January 21.

Minister-president Rutte en staatssecretaris Knops naar Bonaire, CuraƧao en Aruba

Minister-president Rutte en staatssecretaris Knops (Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties) bezoeken zondag 20 tot en met dinsdag 22 januari Bonaire, Curaçao en Aruba. Het bezoek staat in het teken van economische samenwerking en rechtshandhaving. 

Dock Maarten vindt geen gehoor bij overheid met klacht over Bobby's Marina

PHILIPSBURG - Het jarenlange geschil tussen Dock Maarten, Bobby's Marina en de overheid loopt nog steeds.