Antilles on agenda diplomat conference

The Antillean sector for international financial services is on the agenda of the next annual conference for the top of the Economic-department of all the Kingdom-embassies.

State Secretary Alex Rosaria (Finance, PNP) is very pleased that this local sector will be under extensive attention of the officials in question from more than 90 embassies worldwide. 

During this conference that takes place from November 3 till 5 inclusive, ‘important aspects of the Antillean international service sector are going to be announced’ to the participants.  “The embassy employees can only sell our product to the more than 90 countries where they are established, when they know what our island has to offer”, says Rosaria, who is of the opinion that the Dutch embassies have never done anything for the above-mentioned local sector, but that the Antilles has also done nothing to stimulate the interest for the own package of services on this diplomatic level.

Rosaria will make sure that this changes during the conference.  He sees it as a necessary step in the Antilles’ strive for belonging to the world’s top-ten financial services soon.  He repeats his message that the Antilles ‘must dare more and must make more marketing efforts to do more business with the world’.
Locally it must lead to more employment, more revenue for the government, and more money circulating in the economy.

(Source: National Newspaper Amigoe)

22 September, 2008


Aruba keeps border with Venezuela shut

ORANJESTAD - While Venezuela reopened its borders with Brazil and Aruba, the latter’s government did not find the timing “opportune” and kept the current trade and travel ban in place for now.

Blokhuis naar Caribisch Nederland om preventieakkoord te ondertekenen

Staatssecretaris Paul Blokhuis (VWS) brengt van maandag 13 mei tot en met donderdag 16 mei een bezoek aan Caribisch Nederland. Blokhuis gaat het Caribisch Sport- en Preventieakkoord voor Sint Eustatius en Bonaire ondertekenen. Ook bezoekt hij verschillende organisaties die werken aan preventie en sport.

Venezuela reopens borders with Brazil and Aruba

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