Parliament agrees on prohibiting child pornography

Parliament has approved the amendment of the Criminal Code of the Netherlands Antilles this morning, which would officially prohibit child pornography.  This is a private member’s bill of former Parliament-member and current Minister Omayra Leeflang (Public health and Social Development, PAR).

Making, downloading, and distributing of child pornography are currently not liable to punishment.  The bill that was passed this morning will change this. Striking was that the bill was passed without any Parliament-member having spoken, so Chairman of Parliament Pedro Atacho could rush the bill through.

The bill implies imprisonment of a maximum of 4 years for making, downloading, importing, exporting, possessing, or exhibiting child pornography.  People that make this a habit can expect a fine of maximum 100,000 guilders or imprisonment of a maximum of 6 years.  The amendment also includes the expansion of the basis for sanctions on sexual abuse on minors. The punishment for that is currently a maximum of 8 years imprisonment.  The amendment also makes sure that people that attend sexual acts with children, either alone or in groups, or deliberately have sexual acts committed with children or tolerate this, are liable to punishment.

(Source: National newspaper Amigoe)

7 October, 2008  



Crashed Defence helicopter just completed border patrol

ORANJESTAD/THE HAGUE--The Dutch Defence helicopter that crashed near Aruba on Sunday afternoon was on its way back to Curaçao from a border patrol flight above the sea.

Leerorkest Bonaire opgericht

KRALENDIJK - Onderwijs, cultuur en sociale opvoeding blijven belangrijk, ook tijdens een internationale pandemie. Na succesvolle initiatieven in Nederland, Curaçao en Aruba, is er recent ook een Leerorkest op Bonaire opgericht.

Vierde ‘Moot Court’ van UoC-studenten bij het Gerecht

WILLEMSTAD - Maandag 6 en vrijdag 10 juli is een aantal bijzondere zittingen gehouden in het Gerecht. Studenten van de University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) hebben het vak ‘Moot Court’, oftewel oefenrechtbank, afgesloten met pleitsessies met echte rechters van het Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie.