Patrick Illidge on tape apparently taking bribe

PHILIPSBURG -- According to Sint Maarten daily The Daily Herald Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge has been captured in a video, apparently accepting a bribe from local adult entertainment club operator Jaap van den Heuvel.

In the video Illidge also derides Deputy Prime Minister William Marlin with multiple words of profanity, and mentions the names of "Udo" in relation to immigration, "Frederick" in relation to economic affairs and "the Minister" and "Roland" in various instances.

The video, which is clear in sound and picture, is dated September 30, 2012, and was delivered to the office of The Daily Herald recently. It shows Van den Heuvel engaged in a discussion about extension of permits for exotic dancers, as well as securing relocation documentation for his business through Illidge.

The following is the majority of the discussion verbatim. Parts were translated from Dutch, as Van den Heuvel spoke Dutch to Illidge during their conversation. The video was recorded by a surveillance camera in what appears to be Van den Heuvel's office.

(Illidge) "The Minister, he was trying to meet with you before, but it's tight."
(Van den Heuvel) "What things we need now"
(Illidge) "From Roland do you have that? And give me something with your business number like where you're registered by the chamber or something."
(Van den Heuvel) "Registration from where? Chamber of Commerce?"
(Illidge) "Yes, a copy of that. And your other licence, which you have from before, and then the one from Roland."
(Van den Heuvel) "Yes, the licence from 2006. I have another question, don't forget the relocation address. We had this when we were at Maho, but can you put in that the business can close at 5:00am? You never know what they will say about when all businesses have to close."
(Illidge) "Well, what time you want to close."
(Van den Heuvel) "Well, because it was never transferred from Maho, so we couldn't do anything, but they can get annoying."
(Illidge) "Well then I'll have to tell the Minister that. You see that's why we wanted to meet with you so you could tell him, but anyway."
At this point in the video, Van den Heuvel reaches for what appears to be keys to an office safe nearby.
(Van den Heuvel) "Now don't scream right away, but at this moment I only have 15. We're almost there, it's almost arranged, only 30 left. You know what it is, we just had a very f***kin' quiet month. I can't take too much out. If I take too much out, then it will be obvious. Understand what I mean? I have added my whole salary from September and October with this."
At this point Van den Heuvel hands Illidge money from the safe. Van den Heuvel then walks over to his desk, opens the desk drawer and produces more stacks of money, which he lays out on his desk in front of Illidge. Illidge takes the money and puts it on the chair between his legs.
(Illidge) "I told you from day one, I don't think you trusted us. We definitely get that thing with the immigration. When you were away Krijn told me you wanted to extend one of your girls."
(Van den Heuvel) "Sometimes girls are very good. The set that we just took on can stay until the end of February. It would be nice to have a week or two extra because of the Heineken Regatta."
(Illidge) "But I can work with Udo, that's what I tell you. Udo is a good guy."
(Van den Heuvel) "So he will understand us?"
(Illidge) "Yes, listen, when I go and just say bap...listen, Udo, when he came here they didn't want him. I talk to Roland and let Roland explain to him everything. We sat in a meeting the three of us and (inaudible) say Roland go ahead."
(Van den Heuvel) "What is it with the f***ing Marlin? I only heard it, Patrick, I don't know anything about it, I'm just saying it, that's why I'm coming to you with it. ... Patrick only for the money, Patrick this and whatever."
(Illidge) We had a big standoff because he is about bullsh*t. We need to move on with the Government Administration Building, it was awful."
(Van den Heuvel) The man doesn't like white people.
(Illidge) Listen, f**k him! We control the government. I don't mess with him, I just told him the time, 'Listen, just do what the f**k you gotta do.' They don't like to stand for nothing. I don't f**k around with him neither, listen what he says. I don't give a f**k. I do what I have to do.
The conversation then turns back to the documents from the Chamber of Commerce.
(Van den Heuvel) "Listen, these copies what do I have to do with them tomorrow?"
(Illidge) "You have them for me now?"
(Van den Heuvel) "No, I'll regulate them tomorrow had a very busy weekend."
(Illidge) "When can I pick them up?"
(Van den Heuvel) "I will bring them to you if you want, I'm coming to town."
(Illidge) "Call me. When you reach call me. Then I go to the girl, because he appointed a lady to work along with me on this."
Illidge and Van den Heuvel then speak about a sewing centre project that Illidge wants to bring to St. Maarten that will cater to the production of school uniforms. After that exchange, Van den Heuvel invites Illidge for a drink.
At that point Illidge stands up with the money in his hand, saying "We have to put this shit away, though," referring to the money he is holding. To which Van den Heuvel replies, "Just put it in your pocket."
Illidge complies, empties his pockets of keys and other items, puts the money in his pocket and walks out with Van den Heuvel. Just before exiting the office Illidge asks Van den Heuvel if he "shares out" the fake Bada Bing dollar bills on his desk. Earlier in the video Illidge had examined the stack of bills on the desk. Van den Heuvel responds: "No only at the Heineken Regatta." And the video ends there.
(The Daily Herald)
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