Inter-Assure wins Court case

The Court of First Instance in Curaçao dismissed all claims that insurance company Nagico had instituted against Inter-Assure – former general agent of Nagico.

In late January, the Court of First Instance in Curaçao gave its final judgment in the long-lasting legal proceedings between National General Insurance Corporation N.V. (Nagico) and Inter-Assure (Curaçao) N.V. According to Nagico, Inter-Assure had wrongly collected premiums from its insured. Nagico also claimed monetary compensation.

According to the Court of First Instance in Curaçao, these accusations of Nagico were all unjustified. Justus van der Lubbe, Managing Director of Inter-Assure: “I regret that, out of necessity, we ended up in proceedings for years, while we had already terminated the relationship with Nagico. As the Court – who thoroughly studied the case – has found all Nagico’s claims unfounded, we can finally give our full attention to our business again with, inter alia, the further expansion of our activities on the islands for the clients who have remained loyal to us in all those years.”

(Source: Local newspaper “Antilliaans Dagblad”)

5 February 2009

Van der Lubbe and Inter-Assure were assisted in these proceedings by Frank Kunneman and Martijn Hendriks of the law firm VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne. Nagico had hired Arnold and Emile Huizing.

Financieel toezicht Curaçao en Sint Maarten blijft gelden

THE HAGUE - De verplichtingen die volgen uit de Rijkswet financieel toezicht Curaçao en Sint Maarten (Rft) over de overheidsfinanciën blijven gelden voor Curaçao en Sint Maarten. Dat heeft de Rijksministerraad besloten op voorstel van minister Plasterk van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties.

Gumbs cabinet seeking to dissolve Parliament and call new elections

PHILIPSBURG--One day after Parliament passed a motion of no-confidence against the Gumbs Cabinet, the Council of Ministers is seeking to dissolve parliament and have new elections called on Tuesday, December 8.

MPs pass unanimous motion calling for Schram’s resignation

PHILIPSBURG--Members of Parliament (MPs) from across party lines on Wednesday voted unanimously in favour of a motion calling for the resignation of Attorney General (AG) Guus Schram over his “insulting, degrading and unacceptable” statements made during the swearing in of judge Sander van Rijen on September 11.
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