Inter-Assure wins Court case

The Court of First Instance in Curaçao dismissed all claims that insurance company Nagico had instituted against Inter-Assure – former general agent of Nagico.

In late January, the Court of First Instance in Curaçao gave its final judgment in the long-lasting legal proceedings between National General Insurance Corporation N.V. (Nagico) and Inter-Assure (Curaçao) N.V. According to Nagico, Inter-Assure had wrongly collected premiums from its insured. Nagico also claimed monetary compensation.

According to the Court of First Instance in Curaçao, these accusations of Nagico were all unjustified. Justus van der Lubbe, Managing Director of Inter-Assure: “I regret that, out of necessity, we ended up in proceedings for years, while we had already terminated the relationship with Nagico. As the Court – who thoroughly studied the case – has found all Nagico’s claims unfounded, we can finally give our full attention to our business again with, inter alia, the further expansion of our activities on the islands for the clients who have remained loyal to us in all those years.”

(Source: Local newspaper “Antilliaans Dagblad”)

5 February 2009

Van der Lubbe and Inter-Assure were assisted in these proceedings by Frank Kunneman and Martijn Hendriks of the law firm VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne. Nagico had hired Arnold and Emile Huizing.

Orient Beach tenants mull legal action if satisfaction not obtained

PHILIPSBURG--Three local proprietors of the new restaurant units on Orient Beach who have not signed contracts with the Collectivité based on their claims the buildings have not been constructed to French code in addition to contesting what they view as prohibitively high rent said Monday this was their “final stand.”

La Bamba Beach Bar demolished Sunday

PHILIPSBURG - La Bamba Beach Bar was shut down by Government on Sunday morning when Public Works officials demolished the structures that were erected illegally by the La Bamba management after it was evicted from a parcel of land belonging to Tesi N.V. on Saturday.

MP Marlin-Romeo calls for urgent meeting on suspension of inspections

PHILIPSBURG--The “unlawful interference” by the Council of Ministers (CoM) in the job of food safety and health inspectors, and the hindrance of inspectors from work independently have led to independent Member of Parliament (MP) Leona Marlin-Romeo calling for an urgent Parliament meeting with Health Minister Emil Lee.
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