Chez Raymond proprietor summoned to court in November

MARIGOT--In addition to the statement released Monday by the Public Prosecutor’s office regarding the control and closure of Chez Raymond on Baie Rouge, the office noted the operator of the restaurant and his daughter have been summoned to appear in court on November 15, 2018, in the annex for correctional hearings.
The charges include construction without a building permit in a prohibited zone of the Plan Occupation de Sol (POS) and within the highly restricted zone of the Plan Prevention des Risques Naturelle (PPRN) as per report relating to urban planning services on February 26, 2018. The pair is moreover accused of not declaring workers and operating a liquor store/bar without a license.
The second operation of this nature is part of objectives currently being addressed in the context of priorities identified at regular meetings between all partners since November 2017 to deal with reports of illegal construction situations brought to the attention of Urban Planning services of the Collectivité, Direction de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement (DEAL Guadeloupe) and the Gendarmerie.
Situations that are not brought into conformity with the activity continuing despite warnings can incur criminal proceedings and seizure of equipment and materials, as in this case, the prosecutor concluded.
The Daily Herald

Celebration 75th Anniversary Consulaire Corps CuraƧao

WILLEMSTAD - On the 22nd of April 1944, during World War II, the Consulaire Corps Curaçao was born. The 75th anniversary of the Corps was celebrated with a reception on 23 May 2019. The Governor of Curaçao, the Prime Minister, members of the Corps and many other dignitaries were present.

UoC neemt afstand van publicaties over weg door mangrovebos

WILLEMSTAD - De Universiteit van Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) neemt afstand van de publicaties die gisteren en vandaag in de media zijn verschenen betreffende studenten van de UoC, over de weg die de overheid wil aanleggen dwars door de mangrovebossen bij Rif.

OM seponeert zaak tegen Steven Martina

WILLEMSTAD - Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) heeft het onderzoek tegen de voormalig Minister van Economische ontwikkeling, Dr. Ir. Steven Martina afgerond en besloten de zaak onder voorwaarden te seponeren.