Kingdom recognises Guaido as president of Venezuela

THE HAGUE--A large number of European countries including the Kingdom of Netherlands, officially recognised opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela on Monday.
This move also applies to the Dutch Caribbean territories neighbouring the troubled South American nation, namely the so-called ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao). It came after the expiration of an ultimatum, as the European Union (EU) had imposed a deadline for the calling of new elections by incumbent President Nicolas Maduro.
The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France, among others, recognised Guaidó in an official statement on Monday morning. Sweden, Austria and Denmark also support the Parliament chairman.

Aangepaste openingstijden balie Hof van Justitie Curaçao tot nader order

WILLEMSTAD – De balie (Front Office) van de vestiging Curaçao van het Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie zal tot nader order met aangepaste openingstijden werken. Vanwege technische problemen zal de Front Office beperkt open zijn.

Balie Hof van Justitie Curaçao 14 en 15 februari alleen in de ochtend geopend

WILLEMSTAD - De balie (Front Office) van de vestiging Curaçao van het Hof van Justitie heeft donderdag 14 en vrijdag 15 februari in verband met technische problemen gewijzigde openingstijden.

International banks file formal complaint at Central Bank against closure local bank accounts

WILLEMSTAD – In a letter to the Interim President of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten, Mrs. Leila Matroos-Lasten, the Association of International Bankers in Curaçao (IBA) files a formal complaint against the closing of local bank accounts of their IBA Members.