Merger brings new audit firm

POINTE BLANCHE - Hassink & Roos Accounting and Financial Advisory Services became Baker Tilly St. Maarten N.V. on March 1 after reaching an agreement to combine their operations in St. Maarten with Baker Tilly Curaçao.

The new partnership was prompted by Cees-Jan Roos’ announcement that he will be leaving for the Netherlands in the middle of this year.

Martin Hassink, who is the other partner in what once was Hassink & Roos, believes Baker Tilly Curaçao provides the firm with a partner that will safeguard continuity and growth and maintain the excellent service. Baker Tilly is headed by Eric Vesseur, Victor Bergisch and the recently appointed partner Frank Groenewegen. They firmly believe that St. Maarten is a market place that will contribute to their broad pallet of services of audit, business support and tax services.

Hassink & Roos Accounting and Financial Advisory Services,has strong roots in the St. Maarten community and a strong market position, therefore the combination will become an important and powerful player in the field of assurance, fiscal and financial advisory services inSt. Maarten.

“With the extension of their services with audit and tax advice client demands can be fully complied with,” Hassink said.

“Clients can call upon Baker Tilly St. Maarten for a full range of audit and audit related services. As a result of the combination of the two offices,The Baker Tilly operations in the Dutch Caribbean will substantially grow and this will be the basis for further expansion. Baker Tilly in the Dutch Caribbean is now present on St. Maarten, Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire,” Bergisch said.

Management of Baker Tilly St. Maarten consists of Martin Hassink and Victor Bergisch. In the near future a third director will be appointed to manage the daily operations together with Martin Hassink.

Baker Tilly Curaçao is the international trade name of de Paus & Vesseur Accountants. Baker Tilly International is number 8 of the Global Ten biggest audit and advisory firms.

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