Durk Hiemstra is the new Chief of Basic Police Care on Saba

BES ISLANDS - Effective August 1st, 2014 Durk Hiemstra is the new Chief of Basic Police Care on Saba. He is the successor of Coenraad Swormink who has held this position for six months.
Hiemstra will perform this task for one year.
This is not the first time Hiemstra is holding this position. "To once again have the opportunity to be able to work towards a more visible, approachable and involved police for the people of Saba again is a wonderful challenge".
Shortly after the transition on October 10th, 2010 he already performed this task on Saba. "When I was requested by the leadership of the Dutch Royal Constabulary to once again fulfill this position on Saba, I immediately responded positively.
My ambitions are also to take care of the safety of the inhabitants of Saba through effective enforcement and detection. I look forward to once again working on the Unspoiled Queen."
In the meantime Hiemstra is now four years working in the Caribbean and has lived on Curaçao. "I was already Chief of Basic Police Care on Saba.
That was in the period September 2011 through June 2012. Back then I have, with great enthusiasm and pleasure, fulfilled my duties as Chief of Basic Basic Police Care and built up a good relationship with the island inhabitants. " Hiemstra is looking forward to a good cooperation with the Island Governor, all relevant partners and the people of Saba.
(SXM Island Time)

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