Maurice van Velzen new Chief of Basic Police Care Statia

BES ISLANDS - Effective August 1st 2014, Maurice van Velzen is the new Chief of Basic Police Care on St. Eustatius (Statia). He will perform this task temporarily for a period of one year.
He has been transferred from the Royal Military Police to work for the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN). "I intend to work information oriented. Everyone should feel that they are welcome and that there is a listening ear to their problems. "
A major issue for the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) is the safety of children on St. Eustatius. In recent weeks, van Velzen spoke to a number of residents and partners and plans to have talks with more partners soon.
At the start of the new school year he visited the Gwendoline van Putten School along with Community Officer Frank Nous and is pleased with the warm reception. Soon they will visit other schools on St. Eustatius.
KPCN wants to then discuss the needs of the school and the students with schools boards in order to offer them the necessary information and support.
With the consent of and in collaboration with the school boards KPCN will try to develop an educational program in order to provide information to school children and thereby prevent incidents.
Van Velzen is pleased with the success that his team has had in relation to a series of recent burglaries.
This is partly due to the good cooperation with the Statian population. Given the fact that these cases are still ongoing, he cannot go into the details. "As Police we want to remain accessible to the population. I am making a personal appeal to the Statian community to approach me", says van Velzen.
This year, he is working 33 years at the Royal Military Police and has worked in the Netherlands at the brigade South Holland, a brigade that is responsible for border control at the crossing points in the area and basic police care at the Rotterdam airport and military police care in the entire area.
He will try to transfer the experience he has gained over the past 33 years to his co-workers as much as possible in the coming period.
"What has moved me to apply for a position in the Caribbean Netherlands is my preference for cooperation outside the immediate framework of the Netherlands. I believe that development and learning never stops, I think I can learn a lot on St. Eustatius and that I can share a lot from my previous experiences.
I hope to increase the level of service and safety on the island together with the colleagues from the Police Station St. Eustatius.
I look forward to a close cooperation within the KPCN as well as with the external chain partners."
(SXM Island Time)

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