Officer Robelto Hodge promoted to Inspector

ST. EUSTATIUS--Police Officer Robelto Hodge has become Inspector Hodge. His promotion was celebrated Friday by his colleagues of the St. Eustatius Police Force together with family members.
Acting Chief of Police Force Caribbean Netherlands KPCN Michiel Marchand and Statia’s Police Chief Maurice van Velzen were present to pin the new badge on Hodge’s shoulders.
Those shoulders have seen plenty of action. Hodge joined the Statia’s Police Force in 1998, before serving in St. Maarten for about ten years.
“It has all been well worth it,” an emotional and proud Hodge said. “My greatest joy has been to serve the force. My greatest gratitude is for my wife Wendy and our families for their understanding. My greatest admiration is for all my colleagues on the Force for their support.”
Many family members and well-wishers attended the ceremony. Also present in his role as head of Public Order and Safety was Government Commissioner Mike Franco.
A toast was made, after which the celebration ended with a small reception, during which snacks and drinks were served.
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