No to intolerance

Curaçao has to remain Curaçao and be one in its unique diversity. There is no room for intolerance. This is, briefly summarized, the conclusion of the gathering on Saturday afternoon of over thirty people  from Curaçao - people who have lived and worked on the island (for a long time) but also those who live abroad and are back for the holidays - in “Landhuis Bloemhof”.

This took place at the initiative of Janera Soerel, herself born and raised in Curaçao of Surinam parents, but who has lived in New York for years. She is the founder and publisher of, The Voice of Global Nomads ( A global nomad is best translated as “world citizen”, the way many participants prefer to raise their own children.
The Global Nomad Salon last weekend was sponsored by lawyer Randolph van Eps and “Fundashon Bon Intenshon” (Foundation of Good Intentions) of businessman Gregory Elias. It was the second annual salon. This time the theme was “Embracing our Diverse Identity. How to combat extremism in uncertain times”.

It dealt with the changes in the relationships between the various communities, also within the framework of the adjustments in the constitutional structure.

Sincere dialogue
The various communities – differing in skin color, ethnic, cultural and religious background – make Curaçao so special, was the general opinion.

The African-Curaçao people, rated inferior for a long time, who are the majority in numbers but still do not do as well from a socio-economic point of view, have to maintain the opportunity to continue emancipating. At the same time, they have to shake off the role of eternal victim from  their slavery past. There are concerns about the apparent increasing intolerance, in which people are consciously and unconsciously set against each other. Incidents were mentioned, but .the main question raised concerned the identity. What is the actual Curaçao identity? How can it be preserved and what processes and changes affect it? Sincere dialogue and common pride were mentioned as elements with which the identity and mutual tolerance, closely connected with the Curaçao identity, can be promoted. In addition to the local participants of Curaçao, there were Curaçao Diaspora participants from various parts of the United States, Paraguay, the Netherlands, Spain, and Rwanda.

Participants Global Nomad Salon:
Andre Cassimiri, Curaçao; Anton Casperson, Curaçao; Arthur Kibbelaar, Rwanda; Bernice Calmes, Spain; Bob Pinedo, Curaçao; Charles Grootens, Curaçao; Dave Liqui Lung, Curaçao; Ellen Spijkstra, Curaçao; Frank Kunneman, Curaçao; Frank Martinus Arion, Curaçao; Gregory Elias, Curaçao; Janera Soerel, US; Joan Soerel, Netherlands; Joan Hasselmijer, Curaçao; Orlando Cuales, Curaçao; Joan Wijngaarde, US; Jozef Henriquez, US; Juana Kibbelaar, Netherlands; Jurcell Virginia, Netherlands; Karel Frielink, Curaçao; Lucita Moenir Alam, US; Marc Griffith, US; Michelle van Meeteren, US; Miguel Goede, Curaçao; Michael Willemse, Curaçao; Nicole Henriquez, Curaçao; Norman Serphos, Netherlands; Rachelle Virginia, Netherlands; Randolph van Eps, Curaçao; Raymond Begina, Curaçao; Roberto Lopez Ramirez, Paraguay; Suzy del Valle, US; Suzy Römer, Curaçao.

(Source: National newspaper “Antilliaans Dagblad”)

29 December 2008

The participating lawyers Frank Kunneman and Randolph van Eps are partners with VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, while Dave Liqui-Lung is an associate of the firm. Participating lawyer Karel Frielink is partner with Spigthoff.


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