Tax News: Assessment of foreign source income exemption by the Code of Conduct Group and the Taskforce Tax Legislation

At the end of January 2019, the "Code of Conduct Group" of the Council of the European Union has unfortunately found, as part of the assessment of the measures taken by Curaçao to meet its commitment to abolish the preferential tax regimes before the end of 2018, the introduction of the exemption for foreign source income to be harmful.
The exemption for foreign source income was assessed by the Code of Conduct Group at its meeting of 29 January 2019 based on a number of criteria.
The conclusion is that this exemption has comparable harmful effects as the preferential tax regimes that have recently been abolished.

Lawyer Brooks appeal presumably in October

PHILIPSBURG--The appeals against attorney-at-law Brenda Brooks’ conviction of bribery charges, will most likely be heard by the Joint Court of Justice in October, it was said Thursday.

2019 Tax law books

DC Tax & Legal will publish the 2019 tax law books for the jurisdictions Sint Maarten, Curaçao, Aruba and The Caribbean Netherlands.

St. Maarten Airport’s cash shortfall is US $1.2M per month

PHILIPSBURG - Princess Juliana International Airport’s (PJIA’s) financial crisis is deepening and the airport has no funds to pay its February salaries next week.