Prosecutor says Bada Bing investigation still ongoing

PHILIPSBURG--Investigation into the Bada Bing corruption case in which independent Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Illidge was videotaped apparently accepting money from Bada Bing adult entertainment centre owner Jaap van den Heuvel is still ongoing, Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos said on Tuesday.
While the video suggests that the payment was for arranging permits, Illidge had said in earlier media reports that it was a loan repayment.
Mos said the investigation was not one that could be completed overnight. He said investigators were "still trying to find out what exactly happened" and authorities were "aiming for the truth and nothing but that." Calling it a large fraud investigation, Mos said some 30 persons already had been interviewed and authorities were now trying to gain clarity on what had transpired.
"We have some pictures clear, but before we can say something, we have to complete the whole investigation," he said, declining to comment on what areas were "clear" to authorities.
"The people demand from us and I do understand that demand and we need to have that sorted out, but this is not like a robbery where you can follow the lead, identify the robber and put him in jail. It's not as clear cut as that," he said. "Two people were involved. We have interviewed them and given them the opportunity to tell us their side of the story and we will now proceed."
Both Illidge and Van den Heuvel had reported that United People's (UP) party leader Theo Heyliger had asked the strip club owner to make the video to blackmail Illidge into returning to a coalition with the UP to get that party back in government.
Illidge, Van den Heuvel, former justice minister Roland Duncan, Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND) head Udo Aron, Minister of Economic Affairs Romeo Pantophlet, Duncan's former driver Marina Serrant, Theo Heyliger and The Daily Herald publisher Paul de Windt, among others, were interviewed as part of the investigation.
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