Lecture at UNA

The Faculty of Law of the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) organizes a lecture, entitled: "Brua ïn de rechtzaal" (Brua in the court room). Guest speaker: Dr. B.D. van der Velden, of the UNA.
Date: tuesday 18 September 2008
Place: Auditorium UNA
Time: 20.00 hour
Entrance: free
Language: Dutch

"Surplus" on budget 2009

Minister Ersilia de Lannooy (Finance, PNP) has build in a 10 million guilder reserve in the budget for 2009. Because the budget is balanced, – no loss, but also no bank balance – the reserve is in fact a ‘surplus’.


Governor pleads for tolerance

A careful dismantling of the country Netherlands Antilles and a substantial transfer of powers form the core of the policy for the coming parliamentary year. The emphasis lays on cooperation between existing and future entities. A sharp debate about the future structure is acceptable, but with respect and dignity. Tolerance is an absolute condition to form the political reformation in a dignified manner.


EC to investigate Martinair takeover

The European Commission plans to investigate the proposed takeover of Martinair by Air France-KLM. The commission is worried the purchase will reduce competition on the routes between Amsterdam and Curaçao and Aruba.


UNA must face challenges own governance

"Now that we are on the threshold of an extremely important transition in the history of our Country, it’s going to be our decision whether we blow the opportunities offered to us or we utilize this moment in history to create a better Curacao for the next generations", started Ron Gomes Casseres his speech yesterday at the opening of UNA’s academic year.


Databank for information on Antillean problem youngsters

The administration of law department of the State Council decided today that the Dutch government is allowed to store the personal information of Antillean and Aruban problem young persons in a databank, the so-called Reference Index Antilleans (VIA-Verwijsindex Antillianen).


Disappointment prevails in reactions Reference-Index

The State Council decided yesterday that personal data of Antillean citizens may be processed in the Reference-index Antillean citizens (VIA). Disappointment prevails in reactions.


Discrimination is discrimination

Homosexual association Fundashon Orguyo Kòrsou (Foko) considers the decision of the Netherlands to store the data of young Antilleans in a databank as discriminatory as the Antillean refusal to register the in the Netherlands contracted gay marriages.


Council unanimous in refusal of VIA

The island council of Curacao has meanwhile committed her support to the government of the Netherlands Antilles and the deliberative body Caribbean Dutch Citizens (OCaN) if they decide to tale legal proceedings against the Netherlands’ intentions to store personal information of Antillean young persons in a Reference-index Antillean citizens (VIA).


An extra ten guilders for family doctors

The appeal court ruled in favour of the Family Doctors’ Association of Curacao (GHV) : they can increase their fee with 10 guilders. The case has been going for a few years already.


New judges at the Court

Mrs.U.I.D. Girigori-Luydens, Mr. A.H.M. van der Leur and Mr. W.P. Scheltema were presented for appointment as acting members of the Joint Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The appointment will be for a three year period. Girigori-Luydens en Van der Leur are both already judge in training at the Joint Court. Scheltema is a retired judge at the Court in Amsterdam. Yesterday the Council approved the appointments.

(Source: National Newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad)

30 August, 2008

Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation Passes Significant 300th Project Milestone

The Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation recently swept past an important milestone. Since its inception in 2006, the Foundation has arranged for Lex Mundi lawyers to provide pro bono legal services to social entrepreneurs on over 300 separate projects. These projects have engaged 70 member law firms located in 40 countries around the world and 31 states in the U.S.


Database Interpol for border protection

In order to protect the Antillean borders, government officials from now on have access to the worldwide database of Interpol in stolen and lost travel documents.


Realization new status islands 2010 in danger

The discussion on the keynotes for the consensus-statutory law Police and about the consensus-statutory law Financial supervision Curacao and St. Maarten currently forms an obstacle for testing during a Round Table Conference (RTC), in which must be decided whether the legislation and the rules laid down that form the basis for the new political and governmental structure, meet the criteria set.


Kunneman: Antilles not a "pirates' country"

The Antilles are not “pirates’ islands” but a prominent country in the sector of financial services. This is the message Frank Kunneman, lawyer and vice-president of the Advisory Council, expressed yesterday during an international seminar in Brussels.


VBC: Curacao under legal restraint

The Curaçao Trade and Industry Association (Vereniging Bedrijfsleven Curaçao - VBC) is of the opinion that it is highly conspicuous that the national government and Parliament had the intention to completely ignore the request and the policy of the Island government of Curacao to increase the minimum wage with at the most 5 percent, while the requests of the other islands were considered.


GroenLinks wants decision on not acknowledging gay marriages annulled

The Dutch opposition party Groenlinks is of the opinion that according to the procedures of the Charter, the Council of Minister for the Royal Dutch Kingdom must propose the annulment of the Antillean decision not to acknowledge gay marriages.


Parliament approves supplemental budget

Parliament has approved the 2008 supplemental budget yesterday and passé the proposal with 12 votes in favour and 3 against.
Changing the budget was necessary, because the Order in Council for the Kingdom (AMvRB) was not done yet and because of that, the dept restructuring ad not started. This means that the Antilles must self pay part of the interest this year. This budget is balanced.



Last week the cooperation program Institutional Reinforcement and ... ( Institutionele Versterking en Bestuurskracht - IVB) of Sint Maarten was signed. With this the IVB-programs for all Antillean islands are now ready to be implemented.

In our section "Laws and statutes" you can find all six programs in the sub section " State and Administrative Regulations".

Churandy Martina wins silver on 200m in Beijing, but ... was wrongly disqualified

On 20 August 2008, Churandy Martina won the silver medal in the 200 metres at the Olympics behind Usain Bolt in 19.82 seconds, the first time he had run sub-20s. He was the first medal winner for the Netherlands Antilles after Jan Boersma won silver in sailing at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.


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